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Our Story

Founded in 1987, Encore Chocolates, Inc. has always been known for it’s imaginative and innovative chocolate gifts and creations.  We strive to satiate your sweet needs for holidays, special events, gifts, and everyday indulgences.


We are driven by our love of sweets and passion for everything chocolate.  We love to play!

“You'll be asking for more... Encore!”

Our Chocolate:

The cornerstone of our business is a selection of chocolates that we have chosen based on flavor, sweetness, creaminess, and texture.  We offer these chocolates to you for the sole purpose of giving you the most pleasurable chocolate experience available.

Milk Chocolate 33% cocoa – This blend is very creamy with a mild sweet chocolate flavor.  This chocolate pairs well with slightly salty foods.

 Dark Semi-Sweet Chocolate 47% cocoa – This dark blend has a moderate chocolate flavor that is delicately sweet.  It is especially good with red wine or foods with a slight sweetness.

Bittersweet Chocolate 72% cocoa – Bittersweet provides a very intense chocolate flavor which is much less creamy than other chocolates and also contains the highest content of antioxidants making it the “healthiest” chocolate.  Pair this with fruit or anything with natural sweetness.

White Chocolate – This “chocolate” contains no cocoa solids but does have cocoa butter which gives it a creamy texture and a mild vanilla flavor.  This chocolate compliments nuts wonderfully.


Our Products:

 We strive to meet your chocolate and sweets needs with an enormous variety of chocolate and candy products including truffles, creams, clusters, bark, sponge candy, and hundreds of unique molded pieces.

 We also offer gift and favor solutions for every holiday and event including platters, gift baskets, corporate gifts, sweets tables, wedding, and shower favors.

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